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    February 28 morning, the vice mayor of xinxiang hui xian city Song Jianjie jian-xin lv, director of the ministry committee etc. A line of people deeply Meng Zhuang town, research the food and equipment manufacturing professional park located at the edge of the walk while see, after the meeting to discuss the site selection of vice mayor Song Jianjie line came to henan hing di forging equipment manufacture co., LTD., an in-depth research

    Xing di source machinery - Li Jingming (right)
    general manager for Song Jianjie vice mayor (figure 2 a)
     show the hydraulic forming technology products 
    Mayor of song and accompanying with the leadership to understand: xing di source machinery (xing di company) within the main high-pressure forming equipment to bilge water sheet hydroforming equipment liquid forming equipment such as hydraulic forming equipment is given priority to, and has a smart fluid pressure forming equipment engineering technology research center, the core team by Dr Number 10 masters and various metal forming of experts and professors in colleges and universities, professional product development;
    And xing di company plans in 2018, plans to invest 600 million yuan to build Henan hing di lightweight smart green manufacturing industry base, they are given the highly appreciated, and says it will intensify of xing di company support
    Xingdi machinery leadership & song mayor and other people in the conference


    In the afternoon of March 6, song jianjie, deputy mayor of xinxiang city mayor liu yanbin, continued to conduct field research and guidance in meng zhuang town.

    Mayor liu came to henan xingdi forging and pressure equipment manufacturing co., LTD., inspected the product exhibition hall of xingdi company, and detailed the technical level of product distribution and industry status of the company.

    Visiting xingdi product showroom
    At the same time, they field research into a line of production workshop, the xing di company research and development of the domestic first 4000 t (international) internal high pressure forming equipment and research and development of new hydroforming equipment of water shock gave high evaluation, and to encourage the company should be used with metal research institute, Chinese academy of sciences and other colleges and universities cooperation advantages, continue to develop new technology and new products, quickly will this kind of high efficiency and energy saving of intelligent equipment and advanced technology to the broader market, make full use of their own technological advantage, driving the development of regional economy and industrial chain

    In the process of research, mayor liu also requires accompanying units need increase in guide enterprise development support, provide more convenient and efficient space for enterprise development Xing di source machinery has been committed to the internal high pressure forming (hydraulic) technological innovation and product research and development, focus on product development mold design and manufacture and intelligent production line design, to provide customers with the most professional integration services Xing di source machinery After a long time the equipment production and product research and development of the accumulation of experience, has become the hydroforming of intelligent equipment manufacturing leading private enterprises, and constantly expand the scale of production With a total investment of 600 million Henan hing di lightweight smart green manufacturing industry base Became the important strategic objectives of the development of company in the near future


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