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    Xingdi yuan machinery co., LTD., together with xd-thf-1500t of guangxi university of science and technology, successfully debuts and put into use.

    On December 14, 2017, a sunny winter day, xing di source machinery sent a number of smart as a mechanical engineer, along with the delivery of the new XD - THF - 1500 t of internal high pressure forming equipment car, come to liuzhou in guangxi college of university of science and technology for the automotive and transportation of equipment installation and debugging work

    The installation and commissioning process was very smooth, and the engineers' efficient and accurate work won high praise from the cooperation unit. The internal pressure forming equipment was soon successfully debutted and delivered.

    Install and debug site map.

    The new xd-thf-1500t internal pressure forming equipment not only improves the appearance, but also increases the rear push cylinder according to the demand of the product.
    After pushing cylinder can move around 200 mm, in order to satisfy the forming of parts, can complete some parts of more than a mold cavity, adapt to a variety of complex parts forming process conditions, reduce the cost of mold processing, reduces the manufacturing cost.

    The equipment is equipped with four cylinder bodies:
    The nominal power of the die cylinder is 15000kN.
    The nominal force of the side push cylinder reaches (2000*2) kN,
    The rear push cylinder nominal force reaches 2000kN.

    The maximum forming pressure of the supercharger reaches 250MPa.

    This is a frame type internal high pressure forming equipment which adopts the whole casting structure, which has the advantages of good rigidity, high compressive strength, small deformation, long life and less noise.
    The overall casting frame structure greatly increases the forming accuracy of the production products in the work, and no need to worry that the accuracy will be reduced due to the deformation of the frame.
    In addition, the equipment of the whole casting structure will not appear due to the metal friction noise emitted by the main welding place, reducing the working noise.

    Crucially, the company independent development of embedded software platform, aiming at forming requirements of different materials have different shape of model and algorithm, the machine has a data acquisition, pressure automatic temperature compensation, the displacement precision automatic alignment correction;
    Open the timeline can inquire at each time point in front of the production of high and low pressure condition, each into the amount of location parameter, thus in finite element analysis of the loading paths with real differences in the production, at the same time correction affect the quality of the product in the process of forming limit linear characteristics, meet the standard requirements.

    ♦ ♦ ♦

    In particular, the overall frame type is divided into two manufacturing methods: integral casting and steel plate welding.

    At home, in addition to henan hing di forging equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Production of integral frame type rack is integral cast steel structure, the overall framework of other manufacturers type frame are made of steel plate welding, because the current inside can produce high pressure molding hydraulic machine manufacturers, only henan hing di forging equipment manufacturing co., LTD has the ability of the whole casting frame type frame of the whole.


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