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    Please read this manual thoroughly before running the equipment, know well about the operation for the security operations implementation, "security" is our greatest wish. Remember: during the machine running, hand or any part of the body is prohibited into the slide space! It must be emphasized: customers do not comply with safety rules, operating rules or failure caused by accident, I assume no responsibilities and obligations as the manufacturer.

    Service commitment:
    Product one year warranty and lifetime maintenance
    According to your need to ensure that technical personnel dispatched within 48 hours
    Service Phone:

    Foshan headquarter

    Tel:    +86-757-81101768  Fax:+86-757-81101767  Mob: 18927796581

    Henan branch office

    Tel:    +86-373-6063777  Fax:+86-373-6069777  Mob: 18927796581



    Contact: Gary Xu & Ivan Kong

    Phone: 18927796581

    Tel: 0757-81101768


    Add: West of Mengzhuang Village, Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Xinxiang, Henan, China (453600)

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